Commission application is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who submitted an application!

We are now beginning the long, incredibly difficult process of choosing the small number of projects from the pool of nearly 70 applications.

As you may imagine, this can take a while. We hope to be done before end-of-day tomorrow, with an official list posted and notifications sent to everyone who applied. Please don’t ask about whether you were picked before we’ve posted a list! It only makes the process harder.

Commission Applications are Open!

Now accepting commission applications! The link to the application form is on the front page. It will be there until tomorrow (Nov. 7th) at NOON EST.


  • You have to have a quote already, and it needs to be no more than 6 months old.

  • We will not be doing any new quotes/re-quotes/talking about new projects today, or for the next couple weeks.

  • Slots are very limited! We hate this part, but we can really only accept a few projects. Most people who apply are not going to get a spot this time, and we are really, truly sorry about that.

  • If you apply this time and do not get a slot, know that it does improve your chances for next time. The more times you have applied in the past, the higher your chances are of being picked.

  • THAT SAID - if you don’t get a slot, and then send us angry or panicked messages demanding or begging for a slot, you may outright ruin your chance in the future.

Halloween, Quotes, and Spooky Toes

We are very busy, getting ready for Halloween and the upcoming order opening! Quotes are now officially closed until November 14th - that of course gives us time to wrap up all of the quote conversations we still have, and after the 7th, time to deal with most of the paperwork and organization that will result from taking on new orders.

Our Domain email, info (at), is still down. There isn’t much I can do about the wait at the moment, I’m afraid, but I am still working to get that fixed. However, I have also set up a form on the contact page, which I can be certain will always direct to a working inbox. Going forward, that is the most reliable way to send us a message.

Also, these spooky skeletal feet are coming along!

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.07.01 AM.png

Catch up!

Lots of progress since the last post!

First and maybe most importantly, Commission Openings have been announced! We will open for new orders on November 6th at 12noon EST. More details to come in another post.

We’ve also finished a couple more projects. This polar bear was finally completed in August:

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 8.10.54 AM.png

Thanks very much to Kiba for this wonderful photo. I’ll be posting a higher-quality version in the gallery.

We are also very excited to be involved in a local film production called Strawberry Mansion. We will be making a few heads for them, starting with this big bad wolf guy, which was finished in September: