Halloween, Quotes, and Spooky Toes

We are very busy, getting ready for Halloween and the upcoming order opening! Quotes are now officially closed until November 14th - that of course gives us time to wrap up all of the quote conversations we still have, and after the 7th, time to deal with most of the paperwork and organization that will result from taking on new orders.

Our Domain email, info (at) clockworkcreature.com, is still down. There isn’t much I can do about the wait at the moment, I’m afraid, but I am still working to get that fixed. However, I have also set up a form on the contact page, which I can be certain will always direct to a working inbox. Going forward, that is the most reliable way to send us a message.

Also, these spooky skeletal feet are coming along!

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.07.01 AM.png

Lion WIPs

Progress on the Head Cannon lion head from Dec. 12 2018 - Jan. 15 2019. It’s finished now, and I will be taking nice final photos and posting them ASAP.