Commission Applications are Open!

Now accepting commission applications! The link to the application form is on the front page. It will be there until tomorrow (Nov. 7th) at NOON EST.


  • You have to have a quote already, and it needs to be no more than 6 months old.

  • We will not be doing any new quotes/re-quotes/talking about new projects today, or for the next couple weeks.

  • Slots are very limited! We hate this part, but we can really only accept a few projects. Most people who apply are not going to get a spot this time, and we are really, truly sorry about that.

  • If you apply this time and do not get a slot, know that it does improve your chances for next time. The more times you have applied in the past, the higher your chances are of being picked.

  • THAT SAID - if you don’t get a slot, and then send us angry or panicked messages demanding or begging for a slot, you may outright ruin your chance in the future.